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Peter Bronsveld
+44 7874996422

Peter Bronsveld was born in Brazil, moved to The Netherlands when he was a teenager and currently lives with his family in the United Kingdom. He started his business in 1992 and has been active in the field of fundraising, public relations and communications for more than 25 years.  Peter's affinity with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aspects in business is a result of his on-going involvement with humanitarian aid, human rights and development projects. Peter is often engaged as 'relationship manager' on behalf of international corporations and governments.

In recent years, Peter's focus switched to developing economic and social models based on the ‘Aid to Trade’ principle as a viable alternative for traditional humanitarian relief and development aid. He is a board member of the Dutch branch of the human rights organization Jubilee Campaign, founded by Lord Alton in the UK in 1987. The organization has a consultantive status at the United Nations.

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